In-Kind Donations

FoCo Cafe received a very generous donation of a commercial food processor from Tom R. in December, which helps us better utilize our time in the kitchen! Tom also donated him time and talent to help figure out what is wrong with out ice machine and salad cooler table.

Wanda donated a bunch of Christmas decor along with her time to decorate the Cafe for the season! Thank you Wanda for going above and beyond on the little things!

Many made an impact through donations of needed items! We received weekly donations of high-value food items from Trader Joe’s and Ginger and Baker; many items for The Giving Tree, Kindness Cupboard, FoCo Freedge, Warm Wishes Scarf Project, and outdoor Library from Compass Community School and Sheila and Hub Real Estate!

We are so grateful for these in- kind donations that help supplement food costs for not only the cafe but the whole community through our outdoor resources!