• Studies show that breakfast is the most important meal of the day, especially for children. Eating breakfast improves children’s educational performance, behavior and health.
  • During the summer, most schools stop serving breakfast and lunch. This makes food security for children an even greater challenge.
  • Kids Feeding Kids Summer Program provided breakfast 3 days a week (W-F) to families in need within the Fort Collins area.

The Impact

Healthy Breakfast

  • As of July 28th we served 662 total breakfasts (not including final potluck)
    • Averaging 26 meals/day
    • Minimum: 5 meals in 1 day, Maximum: 44 meals in 1 day
  • We have served a total of 49 families (x6.1 increase from pilot year)
    • 120 kid participants (x8.6 increase from pilot year).
    • We estimate that about ⅔ of our families are in need of food assistance.
  • Children’s ages ranged from 9 months to 17 years.
  • Languages spoken include: English, Spanish, French, Russian, Korean, Seneca/Mohawk, Indonesian, and Hindi (8 total).
  • We have served Noosa Yoghurt, Milk, Granola, Fresh Fruit, Toast with Nut Butter,Gold Leaf Collective breakfast burritos, and fruit pops from Revolution Artisan Pops.

Educational Activities

  • 9 weeks or 26 days worth of educational activities
  • We’ve hosted many guest presenters including: goats from Beaver Lodge, the Growing Project’s Farmer Adam, CSU Nutrition Department, Sunny Bucket Farm, John “worm man” Anderson, Phoenix Rising Yoga, the Relentless Fermentor, and Melissa entomology expert from CSU.

Referral Agencies: UC Health’s Family Fit Pass, CSU Lagoon Concert Series, Newspaper, Facebook, The Family Center (La Familia), Cafe Volunteers, Cafe Staff, Vida Sana, Friends, Flyers at the Cafe, Family-to-Family, Beaver Lodge, Matthews House, and McKinney Backpack Program.