SweetPotatoPrepFoCo Cafe promotes resourceful thinking and outside-the-box alternatives to wasteful food systems in our kitchen every day.

The Cafe serves nutrient-dense soups, salad, corn muffins and dessert for lunch Monday-Saturday on a pay-what-you-can basis. The kitchen has no grease-trap or hood, because the recipes do not produce grease. All plate and coffee waste is composted for worm compost. All prep waste is used to feed chickens across town.

Volunteers are taught to prepare food with care and consideration so that the food we process ends up going to hungry bellies – not to the Larimer County Landfill. Even our napkins and inspirational quote stickers are composted. There is plenty of time to consider our impact in the Cafe kitchen.

Carrots_NativeHillToo many resources are wasted in the United States in the name of convenience. Volunteers and staff at the Cafe learn how to cultivate new habits based on efficient consideration of resources. Once these practices become habit, it’s really not difficult to be considerate of the planet and mindful that thousands of families are food insecure in Colorado.

It just doesn’t make sense to throw away good food, therefore, we treat ingredients with respect and use them wisely. We welcome the two-pronged carrot or parsnip that is typically rejected because it doesn’t look perfect. We also plate food with each guest in a way that explains where many ingredients were sourced. We ask about portion sizes to reduce plate waste and we encourage second helpings. No one leaves hungry and FoCo Cafe’s food waste is much less than at traditional restaurants.

The Cafe sources as many ingredients as possible from local growers and businesses. Check out a list of our community partners. When food travels a long way to get to us, we don’t see all of the oil, packaging and other resources that go into a “convenient” meal. The FoCo Cafe is happy to introduce guests to local farmers, gardeners, and food and beverage suppliers through nourishing meals every day!