1. The Group: Where you can eat this Thanksgiving

    It goes without saying: Thanksgiving is the best holiday for food. For those who don’t want to toil in the kitchen all morning (or for those who accidentally burned the turkey), don’t worry! You can still enjoy a holiday meal with all the fixings in Northern Colorado. [Read More]…Read More

  2. Pay What You Can In Northern Colorado

    Check out this article in The Odessey featuring FoCo Cafe! Also get a taste of three other similar concepts offering healthy food to all people! Looking for other budget friendly things to do in Fort Collins after lunch? Check this out!…Read More

  3. Mitch Mathews: How to not go it alone!

    In this episode of the DREAM. THINK. DO. podcast, Mitch Matthews talks with the co-founder of FoCo Cafe in Fort Collins, Colorado, Kathleen Baumgardner. The FoCo Cafe is a pay-what-you-can gourmet cafe that serves delicious, healthy food to anyone who wants to eat there. The restaurant is making goo…Read More

  4. Beyond the Oval: The 5 Places Hungry Tree-Huggers go in FoCo

    Fort Collins, Colorado is full of a variety of people including Tree-Huggers. However, the passion and love for Mother Earth does not stop at these Birkenstock-wearing individuals with dread locked hair. Rather, there are many members in the Fort Collins community who are environmentally-conscious w…Read More

  5. Pharos Fund Spring 2017 Recipients

    Pharos Fund Current Recipients In Spring 2017, Bohemian Foundation awarded $510,000 to 32 local nonprofits working to encourage and enable youth to thrive, empower individuals and families on the path toward economic stability and strengthen our vibrant Fort Collins community. [Read More]…Read More

  6. eChievement Award: Kathleen Baumgardner – FoCo Cafe

    FoCo Cafe is the first nonprofit restaurant in Fort Collins. Cafe patrons set the price for cafe cuisine in this pay-what-you-can setting. Instead of a cash register, a donation box is on the counter. If you can give more, pay it forward. If you have a little less, pay what you can. If your pockets …Read More