1. Volunteers Achieve Slicing Mastery at FoCo Café

    Earlier this month, as part of the Blue Margin Community Works program, my colleague Angela and I volunteered at the FoCo Café. If you aren’t familiar with this local gem, the FoCo Café is in the heart of downtown Fort Collins, and is truly representative of the strength of Fort Collins’ givin…Read More

  2. A Place at the Table: Celebrate Every Win

    When I was listening recently to the story of how the FoCo Cafe originated in Fort Collins, Colorado, I was reminded of one of my favorite quotes from Martin Luther King Jr.: “No work is insignificant. All labor that uplifts humanity has dignity and importance and should be undertaken with painsta…Read More

  3. Collegian: Welsh Rabbit Brings Class to Fort Collins

    Quaint artisan foods line the walls opposite a long counter filled with cheeses. The small shop shines with rustic charm. Across the street, its companion bistro crafts an intimate setting of dim light, warm brick, and fanciful chalk lettering. [Read More]…Read More

  4. We the Wildflowers: Will Volunteer for Food

    We heard it was a non-profit restaurant. Images of soup kitchens popped into my head. We heard people pay what they can and its ran by volunteers. We heard its locally sourced and they use as much organic ingredients as possible. Well, that was all we needed to hear to know we had to visit. It was a…Read More

  5. We the Wildflowers: Feeding the Community Ourselves

    It was a cornflower blue Tuesday. We walked up to this unassuming cafe not sure what to expect since neither of us had ever worked or volunteered at a restaurant before. A waving hand on the patio caught my attention. I noticed that the guy leaving on his bike had volunteered with us on a farm the d…Read More