1. Coloradoan: Where to take CSU grad guests out on the town

    Families are flooding Fort Collins for Colorado State University’s graduation this weekend. With more than 400 restaurants in town, there's likely an option for all comers. If you're looking for some inspiration, here are a few dining and drink suggestions you might want to check out [Read More]…Read More

  2. CSU Faculty & Staff Life: Thankful for FoCo Cafe

    There were not one but many stories of warmth that Kathleen Baumgardner could recall from theFoCo Café’s first year of operation. From success stories of former volunteers achieving “life-changing” jobs, to stories of donated scarves meaning so much more than warmth for visitors. The Director…Read More

  3. The Power Of Community (featuring FoCo Cafe)

    Our second mini-series episode features FoCo cafe, a restaurant in Old Town, Fort Collins that provides a food source as well as an opportunity to gain work experience for the homeless. More from our interview with cafe Co-Founder Kathleen Baumgardner will be featured in the upcoming documentary. Ka…Read More

  4. Coloradoan: FoCo Cafe patrons share photo and stories

    We gave guests at the Cafe the chance to have their stories heard by giving out cameras so they could take photos in or around the cafe. Then they could explain the story behind why the photo they took had significance on audio and video tape. Click here to read more.…Read More

  5. Fort Collins Courier: The Innovative Ethic of FoCo Cafe

    We're open from eleven until two, but if you came because you're hungry don't go away - we do have some food left!" On a rainy afternoon, Jeff Baumgardner holds the door of a downtown cafe open for two older ladies who hesitate, a bit confused. [Read More]…Read More

  6. Collegian: Four ways to give back for Valentine’s Day

    Don’t be selfish this Valentine’s Day. Instead of chocolate and flowers, give your significant other something that shows your love for others. There are many companies that allow you to make donations after purchasing a gift or that give back to the community. Here are a few options for your ho…Read More

  7. Eating out in 2016: Six trends to follow

    Will 2016 be the year fine dining makes a comeback in Fort Collins? Will it bring more chain businesses? More mom and pops? More pop-ups? Does brewing now take a backseat? We asked Fort Collins industry professionals what they’re working on, or looking forward to, in the new year. Some of these tr…Read More