1. Coloradoan: Enjoy a meal that nourishes the soul, tells a story

    Nonprofit restaurants, such as Fort Collins’ very own FoCo Café, are gaining more recognition, and with good reason. Food brings people together and nourishes us in body and soul, yet high-quality food (let alone food prepared with abundant love) is a privilege unavailable to a startlingly large …Read More

  2. Scene: Feeding Our Community Ourselves

    The only non-profit restaurant in Fort Collins, FoCo Cafe, provides nutritious, seasonal and delicious meals to people regardless of their ability to pay, Monday through Saturday from 11am-2pm. It is their intent to build a healthy community by inviting everyone in to be part of a solution. One of t…Read More

  3. Coloradoan: 5 alternatives to eating in on Thanksgiving

    A golden turkey and savory gravy. Thick cranberry sauce. Warm, buttery rolls. Pecan and pumpkin pie. It's the American dream the third Thursday of every November. But after the spread is all laid out and the drinks are emptying, there is a load of dishes, leftovers to store, and the dreaded post-mea…Read More

  4. Horse & Dragon Brewing Company: Taking heart.

    After seeing the news of the past 12 hours I am, as Mr. Rogers' mother apparently urged, looking for the helpers. It's fortuitous, then, that Tim and I got to visit 2 of them in action this week when we finally ate at the FoCo Cafe. If you've not yet been there, rectify that! They are open for lunch…Read More

  5. Lydia’s Style: Lifting One Spirit at a Time

    While the majority of American welcome the holidays and the opportunity to get together with friends and family for food, drinks, and lots of cheer, for these people or those who are just alone, it's one of the most emotionally draining and predictable stressful time of the year. Fortunately, some N…Read More

  6. Lydia’s Style: ‘Tis the Season for Giving

    Starting on Thanksgiving Day this year, the FoCo Café at 225 Maple Street will display donated scarves for anyone to take and wear during the cold winter months. The not-for-profit community café is calling this the Warm Wishes Scarf Project and invites everyone to participate in the giving and re…Read More