Salad Sponsor ($600-$1,499)

FoCo Cafe’s Salad Sponsors support the costs of fresh, local, organic, sustainably grown ingredients by contributing $600-$1,499 annually. We work with local farms, ensuring that our relationships are both beneficial for them and us. Fresh produce is not inexpensive, and for good reasons – buying locally allows us to know the farmer, their practices, and their products. We pay fair prices for our produce to support the whole community and feel good knowing that these funds create jobs, build infrastructure, and support local families. Salad Sponsors help us purchase healthy, local food. Members of FoCo Cafe’s Salad Sponsor group receive a welcome gift and two free tickets to a FoCo Cafe event of your choosing!

Soup Society ($1,500-$3,499)

FoCo Cafe’s Soup Society giving club is for those looking to support the cafe with a gift of $1,500-$3,499 annually. This club supports FoCo Cafe’s recipe development, the purchase of ingredients for our freshly made small-batch soups, and helps supplement the cost of equipment used to prepare our meals. Having the right equipment in operating condition is critical to cafe operations. Members of the Soup Society will receive a welcome gift as well as two complimentary tickets to a FoCo Cafe event on your choosing!

Chef’s Circle ($3,500-$5,000)

FoCo Cafe’s Chef’s Circle is for those who give between $3,500 to $5,000 annually. Members of this giving club provide funding that supports new initiatives and programming. This allows our staff to get creative and better meet the needs of the community. (i.e., the FoCo Cafe Hydration Station!) Chef Circle members enjoy many benefits, including a welcome gift, and two complimentary tickets to an event of your choosing through the year!

Cafe Community Allies ($5,001+)

These members give $5,001 or more annually to support FoCo Cafe. Cafe Community Allies supports FoCo Cafe in its entirety. Our biggest area of need is general operating expenses so that we can allocate funds where they are needed most. By becoming a Cafe Community Ally, you will be providing a minimum of one month’s food costs for the cafe. Food is one of our biggest expenses and we strive to offer the best options available to our guests. Members of this club will truly have an impact on the greater local community through the work we do at FoCo Cafe. Cafe Community Allies will enjoy many benefits such as a welcome gift, along with four complimentary tickets to One of FoCo Cafe’s many events throughout the year! Cafe Community Allies also receive special opportunities as they arise throughout the year (i.e invitations to special events and additional recognition of person or business if desired).

If you wish this to be a reoccurring annual gift please contact us at