1. October Acts of Kindness

    Financial Contributions In October, FoCo Cafe received financial gifts from individuals through both the Colorado Gives website and PayPal. Most of these folks have join our Faces of FoCo Cafe Sustaining Membership. We now have 115 sustaining members, who’s monthly gifts range from $10- $300/mont…Read More

  2. September Acts of Kindness

    September was a busy month. the Acts of Kindness were overflowing! In September, many King Soopers shoppers used their reloadable cards to benefit FoCo Cafe and we received a generous check for $389.22! We also received a donation through AmazonSmile of $33.26. Make sure to shop through Smile.Amazon…Read More

  3. Thanks To This Amazing Little Cafe

    Three years ago, I became a homeless homeowner and an unemployed graphic designer. I had no idea how hard it would be to live in my car. I thought it would be like camping for a while until I found a place to stay. Yeah, right. I was astounded at the impossible housing situation. I had fled an abusi…Read More

  4. Tea vs. Coffee: Which cup should you be drinking?

    While both coffee and tea have their advantages, enthusiasts of both will defend their favored drink. For many, it is hard to decide what merely hype around the drinks is, or what is actually founded as being the truth. Here we will take a look at both beverages and see what potential benefits both …Read More

  5. Dance to Live Music and Support Doing it For Ourselves!

    Our own little outdoor #MusicFestival has sold out the last four years. Foco Cafe's 6th annual Bike-In Festival on July 23 promises to keep your feet dancing to new local music while children* get their faces painted and your #bike** gets repaired on-site. Good food, good beer, good music. #Family…Read More