1. My Biggest Fear: Becoming a “Bag Lady”

    My biggest fear? Becoming a “bag lady.” (That’s what we called homeless women in the 1960s where I grew up.) As a kid, I was terrified of becoming one of those destitute people pushing a grocery cart full of bundles and bags down the street. Sometimes we attract that which we fear the most. A …Read More

  2. Journey to 70,000 Meals

    FoCo Cafe opened on Thanksgiving Day in 2014. But that is not where the journey began. The co-founders, Jeff and Kathleen Baumgardner, began working to open the Cafe in 2012. FoCo Cafe was incorporated in the State of Colorado on June 10, 2012. The first donation was an ice machine in that same mont…Read More

  3. The Group: Where you can eat this Thanksgiving

    It goes without saying: Thanksgiving is the best holiday for food. For those who don’t want to toil in the kitchen all morning (or for those who accidentally burned the turkey), don’t worry! You can still enjoy a holiday meal with all the fixings in Northern Colorado. [Read More]…Read More