How the idea got started

In June 2016, the St. Paul’s/St. Luke’s youth group worked on a service project at the FoCo Cafe. When the project was complete, Kathleen gave the kids and leaders a short presentation about the Cafe, what it stands for, and how it works. One thing Kathleen mentioned was their effort to reduce food waste. As Kathleen put it, “the more food that gets thrown away, the fewer people get fed.” That phrase resonated with Rebecca Gregori, a volunteer and local high school teacher.

Rebecca realized there must be a lot of food that gets thrown away everyday from local restaurants and people’s homes. So she asked herself, “how can we get that wasted food to people who are hungry?” After some internet searching and few phone calls to the Larimer County Health Department, the idea for the FoCo Freedge was born.

The Purpose

The FoCo Freedge builds community, reduces food waste, and feeds people. We were able to raise funds to purchase an energy-efficient unit for use by the public. People are welcome to drop off excess produce and everyone is encouraged to put it to use.

The Vision

In an effort to keep this project simple and to comply health code, the FoCo Freedge will accept fresh produce from citizens and restaurants. In time, as this project gains publicity and permanence in the community, we hope to be able to accept prepared foods as well.

How You Can Help

In summer 2016 we raised funds to buy the refrigerator. Now that it is up and running, donations will be accepted to help pay for the added cost to the Cafe’s electrical bill and staff time.

  • Want your contribution to be tax deductible? Write a check to the FoCo Cafe and you will receive a gift acknowledgment. Be sure to indicate “FoCo Freedge” on the memo line.
  • Drop off your excess produce to ensure that it is not wasted and so others might enjoy it!

Find other freedges around the world! We can all share more and waste less!

Learn about other efforts to eliminate food waste at FoCo Cafe. Contact The FoCo Freedge at