How it started

The Kindness Cupboard was created to provide non-perishable food items to anyone who may need them 24/7. Similar to other public food pantries, the Kindness Cupboard is a source for anyone in the community to access and is often stocked with items such as canned fruits and vegetables, pasta, rice, cereal, granola bars and other similar items.

The Kindness Cupboard came to the FoCo Cafe after a wonderful group of kids decided to help their community and raise funds to build the Cupboard and even paint the interior. The cupboard was installed by New Thought Northern Colorado Center for Spiritual Living.

The Purpose

The cupboard is aimed at providing accessible non-perishable food to anyone who may need it at any point any day of the year at any time of the day.. The Kindness Cupboard is a way for community members to support one another, as well as cut down on potential food waste. Like many of the resources at the FoCo Cafe, the goal of the Kindness Cupboard is largely to ensure that anyone has access to food when they need it, but also to continue to encourage a sense of community through people helping and supporting one another.

What You Can Do

Like the FoCo Freedge and the Giving Tree, anyone is welcome, and encouraged, to leave donations at the Kindness Cupboard! If you have fresh produce you would like to donate, be sure to check out the FoCo Freedge as well!