Coloradoan: Deconstruction at the future FoCo Cafe

Thanks to Erin Hooley of The Coloradoan for the wonderful Cafe deconstruction photo album featuring the National Center For Craftsmanship:

Coloradoan: Farms, fans eat up ‘agritainment’

The FoCo Cafe is noted as one of the best Colorado music festivals with an agritainment theme. Click link to read the article.

August 2014 Newsletter


Collegian Central: Bike in, rock out at FoCo Cafe Bike-in Music Festival

The Collegian Central wrote about the fun FoCo Cafe Bike-in Music Festival that happened on July 27th. Click on the link to read the article.

Coloradoan: FoCo Cafe’s Bike-In-Music Festival Gallery

The Coloradoan took many great photos of the FoCo Cafe’s Bike-In-Music Festival. The setting was beautiful, the weather was really good (no rain), and the music was awesome. Please click the link to view the gallery.